Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year, new me...

Since resolutions are meant to be broken even more than rules are, I didn't make any 'resolutions' this year.  Instead, I set a 'goal' before Christmas.  Clay and I (and hopefully all the people I am trying to talk into doing this with us) are going to do the Savannah half-marathon in November.  Yes, I know.  I hate running.  I am hoping I can coerce everyone I know...literally...into doing it with us so that we have people to hold us accountable.  Lord knows if I was doing this alone it would not happen.  Acknowledging and accepting that fact is my first step in succeeding.  I feel like I made a lot of big girl decisions in 2011 and actually stuck to them, so I want to do the same in 2012.  I have so much more motivation than I thought I would (mainly not being able to fit into any of my clothes).  My sister read that if you do something for two weeks straight, it will usually stick.  This week is the start of those two weeks.  I'll let you if the two week rule is true.   Clay & I started the Couch to 5K program before Christmas but once Christmas rolled around and we were in our car more than we were anywhere we went, running got put on the back burner.  So, yesterday was the start of several things:
1.  Special K Diet-  The Special K brand foods are actually pretty tasty!
My Special K choices:  Fruit & Yogurt cereal, Chocolate Delight cereal, Cheddar cracker chips, Southwest Ranch cracker chips, Chocolate Delight protein bars, and Chocolate Pretzel snack bars.  I have pretzels & yogurt as snacks, too.

2.  No.more.soda!
Instead of soda, I am drinking Spicy V8, orange juice with extra calcium & vitamins A, D, E, and flavored Aquafina.  If you know me well, you know I hate water.  I know those of you who didn't know this about me are saying, "How do you hate water?  It has no flavor!"  Well, I do.  It makes me gag.  

3.  Working out:
Running at least 3 days a week and doing a leg workout & abs at least 3 days a week.  By November, I want Carrie Underwood's legs.

So there.  Now, you all know my New Year's goals...I don't want to let anyone down or look like a failure, so I fully intend on sticking to them!
If anyone wants to run a 5K in March-ish, a 10K in May-ish, or the Savannah half in November, let me know!  Or if you know of any good races around those times, please share!

PS- Coley is going to do the Couch to 5K program & Special K diet, go over to her blog & show her your support!
Coley's Fab Blog

Happy New Year & Happy New You!