Friday, January 25, 2013

It's a 'God thing'...

This past year has been full of what I like to call "God things".  I am so used to saying, "that's just my luck" when something doesn't go my way.  This entire year has made me realize that those times have to happen because something even better is yet to come.

On Valentine's Day 2011, we closed on our first house house in South Carolina.

Two days later, Clay got a job in Georgia.  Great.  Newlyweds, just bought a house with a nice piece of land, a fence, shop, and pool...and we don't get to live together.  It was tough coming to terms with the thought that the house we just bought wasn't going to be ours for long.  Little did I know, but Clay getting a job in Georgia would turn out to be the first of many "God things".  

Since I was so unhappy teaching, I started looking into going back to school for nursing since that was really what I wanted to do after my daddy died. forward to June and I don't have a job, my husband lives in another state, AND we are going to have to sell our house.  Perfect.

Then, Clay & I are in the pool one day and he says, "Why don't you go to Kennesaw State?"  My response was, "What the heck is that??"  He said, "It's in Georgia and I think they have a bass fishing team."  Oh, would know that.  So, I look into it, and sure enough they have a second degree nursing program.  Hmmm....this is when things start to fall into place.

I decided to start taking my pre-reqs and worked it out so that I could have them all finished in time to start school last fall.  I applied to Emory & Kennesaw and I was so shocked to learn that I had gotten into both programs.  I never in a million years thought I'd be one of the 120 chosen out of the 900 applications KSU received.  If I had known there were that many applicants, I probably would have talked myself out of applying all together...but, I didn't, and I got in.  God thing number 2.

Fast forward to 2012.  So, now we have a house in SC, aren't living together, and I got accepted to a program in Georgia.  Time to sell the house!  We listed our house in March and had an offer by the end of May.  Who the heck sells their house in less than 2 months in this Pickens??  God thing number 3.

Then, Clay and I find the perfect apartment in precious Woodstock and it is in our price range and is available as soon as we need it to be.  God thing number 4.

We knew it was going to be tough with me going to school full time and living off of one salary, so I needed to get a job ASAP.  Kohl's offered me a job two hours after I arrived in Woodstock.  God thing number 5.

Last semester was a whirl wind!  I was working 20-30 hours and I'm in the accelerated program, so I had an extra class.  It was hard work and the entire semester I was just praying that I would do well to validate my choice to change careers...I got all A's, so I'd say my first semester was a success! God thing number 6.

I am lucky enough to be going to Mexico for two weeks in May to work in two hospitals and live with a Mexican family.  This will be such a great experience to be able to work on my skills and learn more about healthcare in areas that aren't as fortunate as we are.  I am SO excited about this amazing opportunity to serve others.  God thing number 7.

I applied to participate in Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's college volunteer program and I start on February 2!  I will be at an urgent care center every Saturday hopefully making sick children smile :)  God thing number 8.

Finally, back in December a hiring manager in labor and delivery at Northside Hospital in Atlanta got my resume and sent it to HR.  Last week, I got a call to set up an interview on this Wednesday.  Today, I got the call that I had received the externship position!  I feel so blessed that I've been chosen for this position.  I can't wait to start working with all those sweet mamas and babies (and poor, sleep-deprived husbands).  I have been praying that I would find an opportunity to get into a hospital and gain some experience and finally, I am getting that chance!  God thing number 9.

This year has really made me look back and reflect on all those times I was selfish and mad that things weren't happening the way I wanted them to, when I wanted them to.  I am finally able to step back and see that everything happens for a reason.  I finally feel like all the tough times we faced the past couple of years are starting to pay off.  It's amazing what God will do in your life when you stop sulking about all the things that aren't happening.  These next 12 months are going to be so much work, but it will be totally worth it.  I'm so excited to see what other 'God things' He has in store!  

I just want to say a special thank you to all my friends and family for being so encouraging and always rooting for me.  It's nice to know that you are all in my corner when things get hard!

To Clay- you are amazing.  I don't know how in the world you have handled all of these changes like you have.  You are the most unselfish person I've ever met.  Love you to the moon and back!

To my nursing girls- Lord knows I couldn't have made it this far without all of you...I love you all and I am so thankful for you!

This time next year, I'll be Casey Johnson, RN, BSN!