Wednesday, August 7, 2013

18 weeks...almost halfway there!

Since I was lying wide awake in bed and haven't posted in a month, I thought now would be a good time to update everyone on what's been going on in the Johnson household over the last few weeks!

I am 18 weeks pregnant today (well, yesterday)!  Baby J is about 5.5 inches long and weighs about 7 oz.  He or she is going to be doing a lot of growing in the coming weeks!  I can't believe that I will be halfway through my pregnancy in just 2 short weeks.  What's even more exciting is that we are only 4 days away from finding out if we are going to have a sweet baby boy or girl!  It's going to be so hard to go to our anatomy ultrasound on Thursday afternoon knowing we aren't going to leave knowing the sex of our little one.  I knew before I even got pregnant that I wanted to have a gender reveal party.  I know some parents find out what their baby is going to be and then have the party to reveal the news to all their friends or family.  That thought never even crossed our minds.  We are so excited to find out at the same time as all those we love.  

I can't tell you how many times I've thought about what life would be like with a little boy or girl, and how many times I've been asked, "What do you want it to be?"  I think everyone has an idea of what they think they would want but of course, all we really want is a healthy baby.  Originally, I wanted a girl and Clay wanted a boy.  Then, we both switched and he decided he wanted a girl and I wanted a, obviously we'd be happy either way.  (I still feel like it's going to be a girl...mother's intuition?)  All of the tests and old wives tales we have done have came out a girl.  We'll see on Saturday...if baby J cooperates!  Other exciting news...we are revealing our baby name at the party on Saturday.  :o) 

Today was an exciting day!  First of all, baby is 18 weeks today.  Secondly, I got to park in the expectant mother's spot at Hobby Lobby!!  Did I need to?  No.  Was it really any closer?  No.  But hey, I'm an expectant mother, so I just thought I should utilize the spaces they so graciously provided.  Now, had it been the only one available, I wouldn't have parked there.  I could only imagine the looks I would have gotten from some 39 week pregnant woman who can barely waddle her way out of her car, thinking her water could break at any  moment.  Finally, Clay & I were lying in bed tonight and it was the first time I could really feel my uterus. Being in OB clinicals this summer, I felt a lot of women's fundi (funduses?)...the top of the uterus...but actually being able to feel your own and know that there's a little life inside of there was amazing and brought tears to my eyes.  I've noticed so many changes over the past week and I know there are going to be new discoveries and changes daily from this point on.  The thing I am most excited about is feeling the baby move.  Everything I've read says it will probably happen between 18 and 20 weeks.  I can't even imagine how that is going to feel physically and emotionally.  

On the school front, summer semester ended July 24.  It.was.awful.  I don't know how in the world I made it out with all A's.  Going in, I had heard so many horror stories about Complex and how people have failed the class by missing a question or two on a computer test that we have to take in all our classes.  What was even more scary is that we had to take it in 8 weeks instead of 16.  We also had OB/Peds, which I loved.  The worst part of the summer had to be having a test every week and having two big assignments looming over our heads all summer for our Mexico maymester.  But, I got through it...hallelujah!  It's so hard to believe that we will be finished in December.  It seems like we just started!  I have more motivation now than ever to finish strong and finish on time!  Mama needs to get out of school and get a job!  

I am trying to enjoy my last couple weeks of summer before the madness starts back.  I am working 5 days next week at the hospital, so this is my last chance to relax and get things ready for our party on Saturday.  Luckily, my mom planned an amazing Ocean Isle family beach trip last week, so I was able to enjoy time with my family since I won't be seeing them much until pinning on Dec. 14!  

My next post will be an exciting one...our gender reveal party post!


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