Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome to the World, Baby Boy! Part 1...

Well, a lot has changed since the last time I blogged.  On Sunday, January 12, we went to the hospital to be induced because I still had made no progress at my doctors appointment on Friday and I was past 40 weeks.  Since I work in labor and delivery, I knew a little of what to expect so I was more excited than nervous.  The next 24 hours were full of ups and downs, but in the end we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

I thought I'd be able to rest on Sunday night but the medicine they gave me caused me to be up all night with what I thought were just cramps, but now I'm pretty sure they were contractions.  I got a shot of morphine and was finally able to get a little bit of rest.  On Monday morning, they began the pitocin and not long after, I started having very strong, painful contractions every few minutes.  By 11:30 that morning, my water had broken and I was in desperate need for the epidural.  I had no idea that pitocin made your contractions so strong and painful.  I was definitely not prepared for that.  Even after the epidural, I was in really bad pain and I wasn't making a whole lot of progress.  Finally that night, I got more medicine through my epidural and was able to relax a little.  I woke up to several nurses and the midwife in the room telling me that Brooks wasn't tolerating my contractions and that he wasn't in the position he needed to be in to be born safely.  His heart rate was extremely high and then he began having decels (his heart rate kept dropping) every time I would have a contraction.  At first they told me his head was sideways and then I heard that he was face up, so I'm not sure which is correct.  Knowing him now, I'd say he was sideways because he always ends up on his side when he sleeps!  I was barely dilated past 9 cm, but the midwife had me push a few times just to see if I was going to be able to have him naturally...

So at about 8:30, the doctor came in with the midwife and made the decision that we shouldn't wait any longer and that we needed to go to the OR for a c-section.   My worst nightmare was coming true....I was past my due date, had to be induced, labored for almost 24 hours, and then ended up with a c-section any way.  But, I was relieved when they finally made the call.  I knew that it wasn't safe for him to stay in there much longer and that I would get to meet my precious boy in a few short minutes.  So, we prepped for the OR and were on our way within the next 15 minutes.  At 9:14 pm, I heard that sweet sound I had been waiting on for 9 months.  Our baby boy was here and he was PERFECT.

Clay was beside me so he was able to take pictures of him as soon as he was born.  Also, the sweet anesthesiologist took pictures on my cell phone.  I'm so happy they were able to catch this moment!  Hearing Clay's reaction to Brooks being born, before I could see him, was one that I will remember forever.  He was so happy and I could hear the tears of pride in his voice.  I was in love before I even saw him.

Clay was able to go to warmer with the NICU nurses.  He watched them clean him off, warm him up, and take all of his vital signs.  They took him to the recovery room with the nursery nurses where he got his first bath (which Clay filmed!) while I was being stitched up.  Within about 15 minutes, I was in the recovery room with my two boys.  This was such a special time for our little family.  Usually, in a normal labor room, you don't get a whole lot of time to yourselves as a new family because you are so excited to have your family come see the baby.  But, since we had to go to the recovery room first, we were able to spend about 2 hours together, just us, before we went up to our room.

Our first pictures with Brooks

It was fun going up to our room because by that time, all the night nurses that I work with were there so it was almost like a parade going through the halls!  Everyone was stopping us, saying hello, and checking out our newest edition.  The best part was seeing all of our family at the glass waiting for us to come by.  I had been waiting so long to see them and I know they were so excited to get a sneak peak of Brooks.

When we got to our room, our moms were the first visitors.  They were in love at first sight.  Brooks is so lucky to have these two in his life.

Shortly after we got to our room, we introduced Brooks to the rest of the family!  My sisters, Clay's sister, and his dad all came to meet him.  I'm so glad they were all able to be there!

After everyone left, we went to sleep for the first time as a family of 3 :o)

Part 2...coming soon!


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