Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the following reasons...

...I am in LOVE with small towns...

1.  You can get where you need to go fast.  There is nothing better than knowing you can actually get to the other side of town in less than 5 minutes.  Trying to go less than a mile in Greenville traffic can take 5 minutes itself or more.  For example, I knew I only had a few minutes to get to City Hall in downtown Pickens yesterday, completely forgetting that 'downtown' consists of a couple streets and a couple lights.  By the time I reminded myself I wasn't in downtown Greenville, I was there.  Which leads me to reason....
2.  The people are so nice it almost makes you feel guilty.  In bigger cities, people have their own agendas, things they have to do, etc.  Other's feelings and needs often get pushed to the side in our own haste to do what we need to get done.  The ladies at the Corner Cafe were so sweet to Clay and me.  One lady walked up while Clay and I were talking about whether or not we would be able to 'customize' our order and swap something for something else.  Without hesitation, she simply says, "You can do anything you want in here."  Something as simple as that is so nice when you are used to going places that it takes an act of congress to change something on your order.  My second encounter with the friendly folk of Pickens, was with the woman I spoke to at City Hall yesterday about getting our water turned on.  She was the sweetest lady.  I walked in there about 10 minutes before they closed.  I just knew that we wouldn't get our water turned on because I was so late getting there and they stop taking work orders at 4:00.  But, being the kind lady she was, she sent the worker over to my house that very second, literally, he followed me home, to turn our water on for us so we wouldn't have to wait until the next day...and I didn't even have to ask her.  So nice.
3.  More room to run & play. (that was from Hank)
4.  Price of land and property.  With Clay growing up with land, a pond, and shops/buildings to go "fiddle" around with stuff and work on his 'projects' with his dad, it was inevitable that we would have to move out of the city and find our own piece of land.  City life just wasn't cutting it for this country boy.  I totally agree.  Being from a small town myself, I've always wanted to go back to that kind of living eventually.  It's nice to be away from the constant hustle and bustle of a city, even if it has a fairly small-town feel like Greenville does.  With Hank, we just needed more space.  A hunting dog should not have to be kept inside as much as he has to with us living here.  At our new house, he has a whole fenced in back yard and an area where Clay can work with him on pointing birds and all that other boy/hunting stuff.  Moral of the story- if you want any kind of land, at a reasonable price, you will probably have to move to a small town where the prices are actually reasonable.  We sacrificed a little on the size of our new home to have the extra land and the shop, which is completely worth it.  We have all the room we need, for now. :o)
5.  Whether you need a dentist, radiator shop, doctor, gas station, Domino's, fine dining restaurant, dollar tree, lawyer, bank- it is all within 2 miles.  Literally.  I can get to any of those things in less than 4 or 5 minutes.  It's amazing.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a city, but my heart belongs in a small town...


  1. great blog......I'll be coming back quite often. Congrats on the new house!!
    Glenda Costa

  2. I totally agree. I miss the little town vibe so much. it stresses me out driving ANYWHERE in san diego. NOTHING takes 5 min and i miss that. i literally have to leave 30 min early before i go anywhere. i'm glad u love your new home, and congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  3. glad you love your new home. a house is just a house but when you feel it with as much love that you and clay obviously have for one another, you have a HOME.